CAP-AI project feature: Precise real-time automated analysis of cardiac MR images

Doctors at Barts Health NHS Trust are using AI to predict heart attack risk more accurately

A team at Barts Health led by James Moon, Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Director of Imaging, Barts Heart Centre, and CAP-AI Senior Clinical Data Scientist, Cardiac Imaging, Rhodri Davies, have created a prototype algorithm for predicting clinical outcomes that has human level performance.

Assessment of heart function is one of the most common reasons for requesting cardiac imaging. Cardiac MRI is the best at measuring heart function, but the process requires a highly-trained cardiologist or radiologist to draw around 30 contours on images of the heart. Not only is this tedious and time-consuming, but it also can introduce errors into the measurements.

The team uses advanced machine learning techniques to fully automate the contour-drawing process. As well as saving a huge amount of time (over a thousand hours of a clinician’s time per year at Barts alone), the tool also improves the accuracy of volume measures by eliminating errors introduced by inconsistent results between different observers and across time. The automated method is deployed directly on the MR scanner and performs segmentation at the same time as the images are acquired, also eliminating the time for which the clinician has to wait for results.

Working in collaboration with SME AIMES, the team are developing an AI-capable trustworthy research environment. They have also recently been awarded a Small Business Research Initiative grant and their work has been featured in UK press including the Evening Standard and The Times as well as the USA’s CBS news.

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CAP-AI is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Barts Charity.

SME of the month: AIMES

AIMES is an industry leading cloud services and commercial data centre service provider spun out from the University of Liverpool. AIMES vision is to help transform healthcare through the deployment and use of emerging digital technologies.

Established in 2005, AIMES set out to revolutionise the data centre industry, providing services such as co-location, hosting, data backup, managed services and business continuity, as well as investing significantly in research and development activities to improve the efficiency, reliability and security of data centre infrastructure. During this period, AIMES became a specialist in healthcare digital services, providing ‘Health Cloud’ services for the NHS and the healthcare sector as a whole. AIMES take an ethical approach to business and focuses on areas that will be genuinely transformational.

As a multi award winning technology business, AIMES provides highly secure, well-tailored solutions under strict governance and accreditation, and ensures that the right service and support is available at all times, while at the same time being as cost effective as possible.

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