August was an exciting month at Barts Life Sciences as we selected projects for our second cohort of the CAP-AI programme. Watch this space for more details on these projects and how you can get involved this autumn.

We’re also delighted to be presenting at the online SEHTA (South East Health Technologies Alliance) 2020 International MedTech Expo & Conference: Devices, Diagnostics, Digital on 28th September. This is an SME focused healthcare event for driving collaborations between business, clinicians and academics. You can find more information about the conference, attendance and how to become a member of SEHTA (which is free of charge) here:

Also in September, CAP-AI cohort 1 sadly comes to an end. Our group of researchers, data scientists, clinicians, academics and SMEs have more than exceeded our expectations and have produced some new innovations that we are immensely proud of and excited to showcase. We will be hosting an online event on 17th September where the data scientists will present their work. Several of our team will be remaining within the Trust and University for their next roles, with some also going to work in the SME they have supported. If you are interested in attending the event please email

SME of the month: ThinkSono

ThinkSono were the first SME Barts Life Sciences supported as part of CAP-AI cohort 1. ThinkSono is an award winning software company based in London. Some background information on what they do:

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) occurs when a painful blood clot (thrombus) forms in the deep veins of the leg. When the clot breaks loose it travels up to the lungs and can lead to death. Diagnosis is complex, time consuming and costly.

Currently, 2 in 3 deaths are not diagnosed. It takes 5 hours for a patient to be diagnosed. This disease costs the USA $15.5 Billion and Europe €3 Billion. DVT related conditions lead to 800,000 deaths across the EU and USA. Worldwide, 10 million people are affected by DVT. It is the number 1 cause of preventable hospital death and maternal death. ThinkSono have created the world’s first software to diagnose DVT. The software diagnoses DVT at the point of care and has the potential to prevent thousands of deaths per year and save clinicians hours of time per test. For more information: Contact: