Dates: To be confirmed

Duration: 15 hours

Level: Beginner

Location: Queen Mary Enterprise Zone/ Online

Course Fee: £450

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course you will understand;

  • General introduction to programming
  • Programming in Python
  • Using the interpreter in iPython
  • Writing Python scripts
  • Loop and control flow (for-loops, if-statements)
  • Data-types: strings, lists and dictionaries
  • Using and writing functions
  • Functions for scientific programming: Numpy and SciPy
  • Finding problems in code
  • Data manipulation project using Python

Introduction to Coding

This course will introduce you to basic coding skills using Python.

Python can be used for nearly everything and continues to grow in popularity with organisations like NASA, Google, YouTube and the New York Stock Exchange all using it for different things. Through the use of excellent numerical packages, Python can also compete against more statistical and mathematical packages such as R.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to write useful programmes, understand more complex Python programmes written by others as well as how to use Python for more advanced data analysis.

Who is this course for?


Aimed those new to programming, our course will give you a hands-on introduction to Python, a general-purpose programming language.

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