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Queen Mary University of London partners with healthtech startup Living With to help Rheumatoid Arthritis patients

  Working with innovative healthtech startup Living With, researchers from Queen Mary University of London are launching a new project that could revolutionize the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and save the NHS millions every year. The project will...

Future Innovator Award for Queen Mary Researcher

We're delighted to share some fantastic news from our partner, Queen Mary University of London. On September 9th, Postdoctoral Research Associate Khai DQ Nguyen was awarded the Future Innovator award at the 2020 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Best of the Best Awards....

Pump Priming Fund 2020

A Pump Priming Fund (PPF) is available through the QME Zone to fund life science businesses for up to £50k for a development project to be undertaken in collaboration with Queen Mary academic and research staff. The Pump Prime Fund is designed to encourage exploration for new innovative concepts that have potential for major impact. In particular, PPF should provide an opportunity to obtain pilot data that enables subsequent submission of a grant or fellowship application to an external funding agency.


Barts Life Sciences blog August 2020

      August was an exciting month at Barts Life Sciences as we selected projects for our second cohort of the CAP-AI programme. Watch this space for more details on these projects and how you can get involved this autumn. We’re also delighted to be...

Barts Life Sciences blog July 2020

    From the desk of CAP-AI data scientist Andrew Bard: Project title: Prediction of aortic changes from surveillance magnetic resonance imaging in congenital ascending aortic aneurysm The CAP-AI programme enables a wide range of projects, and facilitates...

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